The Ram in Natural History


Ovis vignei (urial), southern Soviet Central Asia, northeastern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, northwestern India, Oman
Ovis ammon (argali), southern Siberia, eastern Soviet Central Asia, Mongolia, northern China, Sinkiang, Tibet, Himalayan region
Ovis orientalis (Asiatic mouflon), Asia Minor, western Iran
Ovis musimon (mouflon), Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus
Ovis aries (domestic sheep), worldwide in association with people

For a good summary of information on rams, in natural and domestic habitats, follow these links:

University of Michagan Museum of Zoology .

Walker's Mammals of the World Online (Johns Hopkins Press), Ronald M Nowak

The Bighorn Institute (dedicated to education and preservation of wild N. American bighorn sheep)


Illustrations by Johann Christian Dan Schreber from Die Saugthiere in Abbildungen nach der Natur mit Beschreibungen (Illustrated Mammals in Nature with Descriptions)
(The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)